We were so happy to be able to spend Thanksgiving this year with new friends! It was such a fun evening at our friends house overlooking Lake Luzern and surrounding mountains, tasty foods, tons of dessert and a lot of laughing. So memorable!

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Playing catch-up!

Okay, I’ve been horrible at keeping this updated, does anyone still read it? I still can’t convince Mark to blog regularly. But, I think I know that I’m so behind so I keep procrastinating. I’ll play a quick version of catchup…then we’ll be all up to date and I can get back to regularity!

So, Sandy and Alen left…

Then my friend Jen and I flew to London, had tea, shopped, ate cupcakes, met Matt and Jenny’s Isla and dressed like Gorilla’s and ran a race

Then our friends Phil, John and Kim came to visit us from Cedar Rapids and we hiked A LOT.

And then Mark climbed a mtn with his work friends (Axalp) and watched the Swiss Air Force do target practice and airshows and they ate fondue at the top he loved it!

Then we went to Zurich and participated in the Freeze mob where everyone involved with the mob froze at the same time for 5 minutes and people couldn’t figure out what was going on – it was hilarious :)(YouTube Zurich freezemob to see vids)

Then we went to a cool art show but Bama didn’t like it.

Then Mark Bama and I took a romantic weekend away to visit Heidelburg and Tübingen in Germany. We also go to see the Rockwell Collins campus there, I think Mark was envisioning himself there someday. Heidelburg would be a seriously fun little city to live in but my heart was left in the little college town of Tübingen where also we ate the best meal ever.

Ok, I think that should do it for now. Might need one of more of these. We have been busy kids!


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Maybe I need one of these!

We are doing well – I’m obviously behind on pictures and posts!! We had some more visitors – the Pattons and Phil from Cedar Rapids. And I’ve been to London for the Gorilla Race…haha – those are funny pictures!!
I will post them soon.
Right now we are excited that we have purchased tickets home for Christmas! It will have been over a year since I’ve been in the US – I’m excited to see how it is going back – and hearing English all around me again :)


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Wine Tasting in Alsace

Wine tasting, gorgeous views, camping, dinner with friends – pretty much an amazing weekend in France 2 weekends ago!

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Cinque Terre with Sandy and Alen

I was so excited to take S & A to Cinque Terre! I had such a good time there with M’s fam and Sandy adored the pics – so off we went! We rented a car and it’s only about a 5 1/2 hour drive. We decided to stop in Milan to check it out on the way there – and then on the way back our GPS decided to take us on a random trip in to the Lake Como area (still don’t know how that one happened) but it was a nice scenic little drive :)

Certainly this isn’t the face that Alen made because I was driving us? In a manual car through ITALY and mountains? Yes, yes it is. Pretty sure that was a normal look throughout the whole driving experience…..;)

We were greeted by an amazing colorful sunset when we arrived!

way too early for us…but we did the hardest part of the hike…then decided we had better things to do like nap and lay on the beach – so used the train to explore all the cities :)

=) left a little of iowa in CT

We stopped on top of the Gotthard pass on the way home, i love us!
I guess that’s all the pics I will put out of the MILLION.
Next stop is France =)

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Sandy & Alen!

This is for you Sandy/Alen fans out there!!! ;)
We are having a blast and have been so busy so far and they ALREADY leave on Tuesday…this is going way too fast. We’ve dragged them (muahha) on a hike up a mountain and then I scared the daylights out of them by driving us all in a manual car in to Milan (so I don’t really drive manuals…) then to Cinque Terre in Italy and home over a big huge mountain pass! I’m sure they will regale with you stories like how we had to drive on to a curb to avoid a bus and others, etc….
We’ve had some down time here around Buochs and Luzern and tomorrow we leave for a wine tasting/camping experience with some of our friends in the Alsace region of France. They are going to be tired kids when they get home!!

Here are some pictures from our mountain hike…we wore the little brown dog out :)

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Climbing the Buochserhorn with Liz =)

This was from when Liz, Bama and I spent a lovely afternoon on the beach reading!
The next pictures are from climbing the huge Buochserhorn that Mark and I climbed in the Spring – which you can read about here. Basically it’s a 1300 meter climb – and took us about 6 hours. Last time my legs were sore for a week and I couldn’t walk properly! This time, I thought I was in the clear even though I was feeling it…now, today…two days later – I’m not so much in the clear. Meine beine tun weh. (My legs hurt). But we did do another climb with Sandy and Alen today – I was  HUGE trooper – if I don’t say so myself. I thought for awhile they’d just have to leave me at the top until they got better (going down is the worst).
Anyway, here are a couple pics from the hike with Liz – I’ll let the other ones surface on FB…heh heh heh.
1. Still cow whispering
2. Liz made us do this
3. Liz and I wore bright purple and blue eye shadow for the climb for fun!

Anyway, Liz left on Saturday =( but Sandy and Alen also arrived that day! YEAH!
We’ve already showed them around Buochs, made them a traditional Swiss meal and climbed a mountain today. Italy tomorrow…the next day the WORLD!

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